Tuesday, April 13, 2010

water like a big girl

bebe is a funny kid. she often walks a line between being a "big girl" and just being a kid. she seems to like having options, with lots of ways to do different things. for instance, while she's a fast runner and loves to walk, she also still likes being in her stroller- even more now that she's bigger, than she did when she was a baby. she also has her food favorites, but she'll occasionally try something she's tried before but not liked. usually she still doesn't like it, but every once in a while she surprises us, like when she shares a burger with mommy. drinking water from a grown-up glass is another example. a lot of the time she relies on her own plastic sippy-cups or water bottles, but if we're having a snack and mommy and daddy are drinking from big glasses, she likes to join in:

like everything she does, it's adoorbell.

also pretty awesome- she now regularly blurts out "star wars!" followed by "darth vader!" and last night, she insisted i pick her up to dance together to some star wars theme music that was playing in the background of a video game. love, love, love.

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