Wednesday, June 9, 2010

living room picnic

wow i'm tired. bebe wakes up at 5am everyday, and that's just the way it is. we've tried to get her to sleep later, but she just won't. staying up till midnight watching basketball and then getting up at five a couple days a week really does a number on you. this morning on my way to work, as i was crossing the street, an alarm went off in my head. and, no lie- this is what it said:

shit! do i have shoes on? did i put shoes on this morning before i left? i was kind of running around, doing a lot of stuff really quickly...

followed by:
should i check? what if i look down and i don't have shoes on? i'm pretty sure i can at least feel socks. i put socks on, i remember that. well, i'm not going to look. if i get to work and i never put shoes on, i've got an extra pair in my desk and i'll just have to wear those. shit. i really want to look because the suspense is killing me and i really can't feel my shoes.

all true. anyway, under normal wednesday circumstances this would be a wordless post, but words have gone so out of style that they're back again, and here we are:

my pops, grandpa steve, for some crazy reason thinks that we're vegetarians in our house. i'm not sure why he thinks that, but to offer more proof to the contrary (mommy posted some pics like these a while ago, when they had just happened, ahem, but i wanted my own turn to be contrary), here some pics of bebe as a meatavore:

we decided one night to have a picnic on our living room floor.

bebe's dinner, as you can see, consisted of some pickles, some sweet-potato fries, standard-potato fries, and a piece of mommy's juicy burger.

the burger was a little tough to navigate, and sometimes she'd hit only bun.

but with a slight readjustment in attitude, she was able to guide the burger smoothly to the chompers.

then she'd pull away to inspect the damage

...before going in once more. a few more chomps,

and it was gone!

for dessert: pickles!

she's thinking about biting my hand.

a little more burger, a lot less bun. isn't that a spinal tap song? no?

this was right around the time she started faking the sour face. in acts of true comedic genius she would pucker on command. she'd later add a little arm wave and shoulder shake to really sell it. as she's fond of saying these days, "tooooo funny!"

ready to show the people what i'm talking about? on the count of three- 1, 2, 3!

(the contrary apple falls not far from the contrary tree. and when it falls, it hits every stubborn branch on the way down.)

let's try again- 1, 2, 3!


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