Saturday, June 19, 2010

you guys! this just happened! almost!

okay, so this is actually from last saturday, but it's the closest i've come in a long time to, well, being timely. so here it is!

bebe has been on a real push-kick these days. normally when we go out for a walk, we'll ask her if she wants to walk, or would like to bring the stroller. it used to be that when she chose "stroller" she would ride for a while, getting out to walk here and there. now when she chooses the stroller, what she really means is that she wants to push the stroller to wherever we're going:

this is what most people see:

i've lost count of how many times i've heard someone say "look! that stroller is pushing itself!"

saturday was grey and rainy, and lots of people stay inside and complain about what a crappy day it is, but not me and beebs. for one thing, the light on days with a little cloud cover is really soft and pretty. for another, because we live close to the water, on rainy days there's just the slightest hint of sea air on the breeze. and lastly, rain = puddles! what better way to spend an afternoon than in your rain boots, traipsing through some puddles!

and there's never a bad day for train spotting.

when you're a parent, part of what drives you crazy on a regular basis is all the miniaturized parts just hanging out around you. look at these teeny hands. they just do stuff, all day long. some of it is the same stuff you do, only smaller. it kills me.

contemplating a blossom filled puddle. should she jump in? should she leave it be?


"the problem is, you never know how deep these things are."

"i really just don't want to have to wash my hair. mommy will definitely make me wash my hair. i guess i'll skip it."

back home, it was grapes and a turkey wrap for lunch.


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