Tuesday, June 8, 2010

spring time re-cap: a lesson on puddles!

okey-dokey. there just aren't enough hours in the day right now. i've got three blogs to maintain, a full time job at the poison-tasting factory, a nearly two year-old, and a sick spouse. on top of all that i've got some other stuff i'm working on AND it's the NBA finals. there aren't enough hours in the day. while i'd love to get every sequence of pics that i shoot uploaded here with snappy commentary, i'm coming to terms with the fact that that's not going to happen.
instead i get back-logged, overwhelmed, frustrated, and then just indifferent.

so in the future i'm going to try to be more realistic about what i can expect to get up here. hopefully this will mean more consistency, but ultimately fewer posts, i dunno. i'm still going to try to get as much stuff up as i can without going to some lame-ass format like "new posts every wednesday and friday!" or something. my kid's too goddamn cute for that.

over the next week or so i'm going to post all the stuff i've uploaded but haven't had the time to comment on, and i may still not have time to comment on, but what do you care- words. are. boring. so lots of pics, littles of words, and after that, maybe some regularity, like that bran muffin the old folks seem to enjoy so much. here we go!

when it rains, we put on our rubber footwear and hit the puddles!

getting the lay of the land, plotting a course from puddle to puddle.

wading in slowly. here there be dragons...

alright. throw it into gear and let's tear this shit up.

bebe employs a few advanced techniques. one is the "drag your feet and kick up at the end" technique. very effective in getting one's knees wet. also good for getting water down inside your boots.

the second technique is the more traditional "puddle stomp" whereby one little rubber-clad foot is introduced, impatient style, to a small body of water. tap, tap, tap. big on attitude, little on splash.

it's often a feeler for the third technique, the full-on "puddle jump."

once most of the water has been displaced, it's customary to finish as you began: tap, tap, tap.

almost in over her head...

and no trip out would be complete without some train action.

i think i hear one.

get ready...

there it goes!

after we watched the trains for a while, bebe decided we should get closer. real close. so close, we'd be on one.


still waiting.

"maybe i've been looking in the wrong direction."

"still nothing."


i can't believe we've run out of things to say.

luckily, a train eventually came to break up the monotony.

we took it a few stops down, then got off and waited for a train to take us back home.


...and waited.

"dude, my feet are getting numb."

stomp, stomp, stomp.

there's one. finally.

i am guaranteed to get some good hugs on the way home. we look at the tracks the other trains go on, we spot our favorite graffiti pieces...


and then, MORE PUDDLES.

this is the little known fourth technique: "the no-look splash."

splashing all the way home...

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