Wednesday, August 25, 2010

vacation post #3

when bebe gets her sleep (all seven hours of it), she is awesome first thing in the morning. she springs from bed all smiles, happy energy, and great hair. on vacation we spent many mornings waking up outside:

after some warm-up stretches, it's time to hit the slide:

say 'good morning' to nature:

and then get to work gathering that clover:

after breakfast we usually played for a little while. sometimes we'd get out some toys, or take her babies for walks around the house. she got really into playing "where's bebe?" it's a game that consists of her running into another room and (usually) 'hiding' in plain sight while screaming "come find me!" you then have to go into the room and call out all of the places she's NOT hiding, all the while turning a blind eye to the fact that she's right there in front of you, grinning, the entire time. mems played this game a lot. probably for hours at a time.

when it was my turn to play, she flipped the script and decided to actually hide:

hmmm... where's bebe? is she hiding behind the toilet? no.

is she hiding under the sink? no. in the tubba? no...


after i found her, she told me it was my turn to hide, so i started to look for a good place. before i could get very far she was shoving me in the closet where she had been, and shutting the door. she told me to be very quiet and then went about looking for me.
"where's daddy? he in toilet? noooooo... he in tubba? noooooo..."

when she couldn't stand to be away from mommy a second longer, we went upstairs to wake her up.

bebe and her baby took over the bed.

but it was such a big bed she invited mommy back in:

they traded smooches:

shared some laughs:

and then invited daddy:

La Familia.

this was a big day for us- after nap our friends sarah, chris, and sofia were coming for a visit!

bebe and sofia got right to work on this bowl of strawberries.

after a swim in the pool, we had dinner. bebe, inspired by her big-girl friend sofia, totally tore into the chicken:

hey bebe! how's the chicken?


"what's chicken?"

remember all those cute little birds we saw at the petting zoo? the ones we fed and listened as they clucked? that's chicken! that's what you're eating! we chop off the heads, pull of the feathers, scoop out the gross insides, and roast them and eat them!

beebs? still like the chicken?

"i was just wondering..."

"if they'd taste as good with the feathers still on."

this was as close to a cool sunset as we got on this day.

an hour or so later we got this instead. i guess you can't get spectacular every night. but speaking of cracktacular...

in our family we call this 'saying goodbye in style.' thanks for visiting guys!

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