Wednesday, August 18, 2010

vacation posts: #1

i thought i would break up our vacation at mems' and teed's house by day and give you one or two per day to show you how bebe spent her time off. just kidding, that kid's always off. but she's also always on. confused? that's the way i like it. just call me an agent of chaos.

anyway, here's our first full day:

the newest accessories to bebe's baby entourage were a changing mat and a container to put baby wipes in. she spent much of the next week changing diapers. now if we could just get her to do this for herself...

we spent a lot of our first day just settling in. we were going to be there for over a week and we pack a shit ton of stuff when it's just for a weekend so you can imagine how much stuff we had with us. cousin ade was visiting from california and spent the day playing in a golf tournament with teed. towards the end of the day we all hung out in the beautiful summer evening.

hello mommy?

bebe warmed right up to ade, which is no surprise. ade is a great guy, and beebs is a great judge of character. either that or he had some sugar cubes in his pocket or something. i like to think it's that he's a nice guy...

well, hello there.

bebe showing off her favorite clover-picking spot.

this kid

is out of control.

shadow self-portrait.

the patience of a spider.

if you've followed this blog, or any of my other photo blogs, then you're probably already quite familiar with the sunsets at casa burbank. i've seen sunsets all over europe, i've seen them in the caribbean, i've seen them in hawaii and all across the continental US, but nothing beats these sunsets. they are easily my faves.

i thought i'd warm you up with a nice, clear, quiet one. don't worry, there are more to come.

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