Sunday, August 1, 2010

second beach weekend

i normally like to take sundays off from the blog (and mondays, and tuesdays, and... okay, i like to take weeks off at a time.) but i thought it would be a nice treat for you, and a nice treat for me to not have a tentative post hanging over my head, by getting a post up ON THE DAY IT HAPPENED. hello? are you there? oh, you fainted. well, okay. whenever you're ready...

for the second weekend in a row, we were headed to the beach! it was a perfect beach day- a few clouds, 77 degrees, low tide, no humidity- perfect!

"man! i think there's a hole in this bucket! i fill it up, and then after i turn it over to check the bottom, it's empty again!"
i think the only 'hole' here is in your routine.

"what do you mean?"
to put it plainly- you're dumping out the sand when you turn it over.


"i still think it's this bucket. thanks for your help, though."

bebe usually likes to hang out by the water, but today she spent a lot of time digging in the sand.

burying daddy's feet.

two of her beach yoga poses.

base camp.

"hmm. now where'd i put that sand? i had it here a second ago."

"oh. here it is."

"i was sitting on it. that's embarrassing."

snack time.

don't eat that.

"it's not done yet anyway."

sandy beach bottom.

cool clouds as we head out of town- thanks for a great day, beach!

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