Monday, September 6, 2010

vacation post #5

hey-o ay-ey-body (as beatrix would say)! we're more than half-way to closing out the epic vacation posts! i bet you thought they would never end! me either! i thought i'd never get them posted in the first place! anyhoo. this one is sort of short on subject matter (about two and a half feet) since i have no memory what we did on this day, and no photographic evidence save for our daily end-of-day pool party:

"hurry. up. pool."

i know you're in a hurry to get to the pool, but perhaps i can delay our icy plunge with the temptation of some blueberries?

"it's a heated hot-tub, but whatever. yum."

"i tell ya', i sit here and eat these berries and think about how much nature provides for us and the whole 'circle of life' thing...."

"no. i'm two."

easing her way in, one little toe at a time.

hey, those horizontal stripes make you look taller!

"ha, ha."

"i'm going to mix you up one of my special cocktails."

"a little fresh cut grass, half an earthworm, something suspect that dropped from the dog's mouth, aaaaand pool water. i think it's done. bottoms up!"

a short while later:

speaking of "bottoms up..."

nothing quite like a nap on the hard stone patio, completely naked, in the middle of the afternoon.

reminds me of my college days. did you drink one of your own "cocktails?"

"why don't you be a responsible parent and help me up? everything's tingly.there's no sensation in my fanny."

"it's still there, thank goodness!"

"right? i'm not hallucinating its existence, right?"

full moon, dead ahead.

let's just get back up to the house...

"so weird. maybe i swallowed a waterbug or something..."

"my memory's a little foggy..."

"a bad blueberry? i just don't know..."

as bebe made her way back to the house, the sun set majestically at our backs, setting her bottom ablaze with the warm glow of another perfect summer day's end:


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