Tuesday, September 21, 2010

vacation post #7: the last one!

on our next-to-last day of vacation, beebs and i went back to a petting zoo she had visited earlier in the week with mommy.

we spent a little time feeding the animals, but many of them were more interested in keeping to the shade to avoid getting too hot. since the place was crowded i'm sure the animals had all been fed and fed again, and the last thing they wanted was, well, to be fed. again.

beatrix was a little disappointed. here she is demanding that the goat throw-up whatever he had previously eaten so that he might eat the oats we had for him. no such luck.

so instead of watching a bunch of ragged, penned-in animals plead strongly with their eyes to be released from their pens so that they might run out into the road and be run down by a semi thus putting an end to their miserable existences, we decided to play at the playground located conveniently in the same exact place.

the only thing worse than a playground full of obnoxious kids

...is a playground full of obnoxious kids that smells strongly of 'petting zoo.'

"i just don't get it."

"people seem to love these places. but the animals all seem so depressed."

"i mean, it's a wide-open world out there!"

"wouldn't they be happier working low-wage jobs with poor health insurance coverage, scratching out a living that barely keeps them alive, never mind satisfied?"

"that's it! fire this thing up! let's bust these guys outta here! move over, pops! i'm driving!"

"i'll check for the 'on' switch."

"there's no 'on' switch. i think this is a fake truck."

"well for crying out... this 'steering' wheel is just nailed to the dash! it's not steering anything no matter how much i spin it!"

"and no engine! wtf?!?"
beatrix marie, i hope that 'f' is for 'fudge.'

we can try that tractor over there-

"for all the good it will do us."

"this one's fake, too. it's made out of wood! the wheels don't even roll!"
well, what should we do?

"what we should have done in the first place- hit the swings."

"i just don't get it. i really thought we were going to make a difference."

sorry you're bummed. if you want we can knock down some parking meters on the way home. that always makes me feel better.

parting shot:

i call it 'tiny girl in green.'

after our let down at the petting zoo, we were excited to end the day on a high note: bebe's first concert. no, not bon jovi, like auntie jamie. John Williams conducting the Boston Pops at Tanglewood!

"what's a Tanglewood?"

it's a big outdoor concert hall. people can sit in the hall itself, or pack a picnic dinner and sit on the lawn under the stars. we almost always pack a meal and sit on the lawn.

"huh. i like it."

the space fills up early, and quickly. it's a big draw for the area as locals and tourists try to make it here during the summer months.

this night was guaranteed to be full since the theme was "music from the movies." they set up big screens and as they play the music, they show the corresponding scenes from whichever movie it's from. those two 'froms' sound weird there. oh well.

hey, it's the newlyweds if they hopped into the way-back machine and visited a time before they were married!

by plopping down dead center in the middle of the blanket, beebs made sure that the tasty food mems packed for us was all within an arm's reach.

if there's one thing we don't have to worry about at mems' and teed's house

it's getting fed.

even those of us with dietary restrictions still have plenty of choices.

and for those of us that can pretty much eat whatever we want...

there are even choices for dessert!

after a while the crowd started to get to bebe. too many people would stop and stare, or ask for pictures and autographs... she just couldn't take it and eventually had to retreat to the privacy of her trailer:

nothing like a good book and some quiet reading time to calm the nerves.

feeling renewed and refreshed, she sprang forth as the music started!

hello, universe? dim the lights, please.


even in the dark of night, no one is safe from my flash.

"why don't you try taking pictures of someone else for a change?"
oh, yeah? like who?

"*ahem* over there!"

oh. uncle ben seems to be okay with it.

mmm... aunt marge, not so much.

as it grew darker and darker, people lit candles and settled down to listen. my favorite tune of the night was the theme from "Vertigo."

the stars in the sky came out

to hang with some stars from our family.

realizing how late it was, we sped home to get beebs to bed before she pumpkinized!

mommy drives fast!

thanks to everyone who made our summer vacation as great as it was! we were sad to have it end, but grateful to get the time we got! g'bye, summer!

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