Monday, December 20, 2010

me and my girls

in case you didn't know, my daughter Eloise McCarter was born on saturday morning! she was a scrappy five pounds, three ounces and a lean, mean eighteen inches long. she has beaten all the odds for someone her size and was allowed home from the hospital early because of how healthy (and gorgeous) she is! we're happy to welcome her into the family fold, and no one is more excited than her big sister Beatrix. my goal for the immediate future is to get up as many pics as possible, but i probably won't have too much time to write. i'm sure you're all upset about that. anyway, i thought i'd start today with a post of my girls, Beatrix and Eloise:

first up, first born. or, first born, first up:

El Mac is a little more subdued, only being two and a half days old. she's got some spunk though:

more to come...

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