Monday, December 20, 2010


bebe and i spent the late part of the afternoon watching the snow begin to fall:

so when mommy and e-lo went down for a late nap, we suited up.

when i first got her dressed, i had her jacket and snow pants on when i asked her to sit so i could put her boots on. she looked at me for a second and said "i can't sit down in snow pants." and then did this funny little bend at the waist that turned into a ninety-degree turn onto her bottom. when she looked up at me, she started to laugh, and then i started to laugh. we have nearly thirty-five years between us, but in that instance we both found the same thing naturally funny. these are the moments i cherish and save.

kind of like walking on the moon.

we headed over to the little playground. i thought it would be fun to check things out in the snow. it was.

we had the whole place to ourselves, it was awesome.

bebe decided to tackle the curvy slide. it's a pretty fast slide even when it isn't covered in snow.

yeah, that's her- way down in the left-hand corner. she beat the camera, with the flash on. needless to say, she was covered in snow and scared shitless, and so was i, truth be told. i quickly picked her up, cleared off her face, and held her to me to warm her up. but by the time we left a few minutes later, she was smiling in my arms and telling me how fast she went. that's my girl. well, one of them.

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