Wednesday, March 21, 2012

oscarama part: three- the return of the jedi

alrighty, this is the last of 'em. gonna start off with some father and son time:

and it wasn't too long after that aunt bean jumped into the mix:

that's a guy who's a little bit tired and alot in love with his son. Uncle Ben is about the most doting father i've been around.

didn't we have some other kids? oh- here's one!

the days are getting longer and the sun is moving back over to it's prime setting spot.

but that doesn't mean that we're not still getting some great looking sunsets now:

as the sun set, that meant a bath and pjs for oscar. here he is in his st. patrick's day outfit- you may notice the remnants of what were once the toes of his little footy pajamas. they have to cut them off of most of those outfits because the guy's feet are huge. big. we call them flippers. because they are. seriously. he's like a baby hobbit. it's just a fact. we love his giant feet. and they're big.

while teek furiously prepared dinner, elo and mommy took a love time-out:

our special guest for the evening was papi don. we knew he was all alone while ingie was travelling and visiting with lucy and vito and thought he might want some company and a chance to meet and hang out with oscar. it was also ingie's birthday, so during dinner we took a picture of all of us toasting her in her absence.

as the night wore on, it turned into a real party when oscar puked all over himself, necessitating a wardrobe change. fresh and clean, mems got in some end-of-the-night snuggles:

hands- normal:

feet- they're real, real big. big.


this first pic in the series reminds me of that tv show "V" where the aliens are really lizards made to look human, and one of them eats a guinea pig by un-hinging her jaw and swallowing it whole- we've talked about this before, haven't we? anyway, yeah. she looks like she's about to eat him up. 

and that's that! we had an awesome weekend with all of the grandkids together, and can't wait for the next time, which will be in a few weeks! 

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