Thursday, December 18, 2008

the eight days of x-mas: winter hat review

first up is the o.g. jester-type hat:

next up is one that grammie made, and is probably my new fave. i also liked the jester hat, but this one is... jeeze... i mean, seriously? look at this kid wear this hat:

and for the holiday season, the hat for when bebe becomes 'chunk-a-lunk: the reindeer who was too bottom heavy to fly."

and lastly we have the flapper hat. this kid can't wear a bad hat, i tell you. it's like she's magic or something. everytime i see one of these hats i think 'i don't know... this looks kind of dumb.' but then she puts it on, and all of a sudden it's the cutest thing i've ever seen. what's that you say? she's my baby? well, yeah, but i don't see what that has to do with it...

more to come, i'm sure...

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