Thursday, December 4, 2008

giving thanks, giving... um, yeah.

on thanksgiving eve we drove to great nana's house in connecticut, where we spent the night before continuing on to long island, the place bebe would spend her first ever thanksgiving. she was excited to meet more family, and we even got to take a ferry on the way there!

she was not so excited to wait in line at the ferry though. "honestly, mummy. why oh why must we wait in this duhreadful line?"

still, we didn't have to wait that long.

mommy, teed, and bebe walked on to the ferry while daddy drove the car. great nana and mems followed in nana's car.

once we were inside, we got settled. for bebe, this meant taking off her warm-weather gear and climbing into the babyhawk.

for teed, this meant grabbing a seat and tearing into his book on egypt. he and mems were going in just a few days!

great nana and mems found some good seats with a great view of beatrix, as per usual.

the ferry slowly started to fill up with people. this one got pretty full by the time we left.

if beatrix ever grows tired of being a baby, she's got a great career as a cheeky monkey to look forward to.

beebs got restless inside so daddy took her out for a walk on deck. it was a bright, cold day.

once we got there, nana had a drink in her hand in no time flat. and she goes right for the hard stuff. no beer, no wine- she's a cosmo girl.

i'm not sure what laz is doing with his arm there- digital cameras are no good in low light. and you can't tell from these indoor pics, but it was pretty dark. okay, we weren't walking around bumping into each other and stuff, i just mean that the lights were low because that's how you have a good time. but not how you take acceptable pictures. and i hate using the flash because people look like zombies. whatever.

again with the crazy hand. this time it's cousin tony bemoaning the state the knicks are in.

our maybe bemoaning that the knicks are in his state? either way, THE BOSTON CELTICS ARE THE REIGNING CHAMPIONS, BABY!!!!!!!! ahem.

mems and cousin claire

this is ekin (aykin). she just moved to the US from turkey. we didn't talk much but she spent most of the night smiling. her dad gursel is married to cousin elaine.

cousins claire and elaine with mems

teed gets his hands on bebe, bebe gets a hand in her mouth.

picture time with the grands

this is gursel- it makes sense that the guy from turkey carved the turkey

showing off the beebs

our host- cousin mary, cousin maureen, great nana, and mems

beatrix and mommy getting ready to try a nap. we weren't sure how bebe was going to sleep on her first real road trip, but like the total champ she is, she did awesome. there was one minor development, but we'll get to that in a minute.

whether it's at home or on the road, mems is busy making things happen in the kitchen.

this is bebe, swaddled asleep during the first part of dinner

she had her own spot at the table

elaine, claire, and claire's son mark. mark was sick so we didn't see him too much. he came for dinner but then went home shortly afterwards.

claire, mark, and mary

mmmm... thanksgiving food is my favorite meal, and this one didn't disappoint. usually we have thanksgiving with my family. mems and teed and nana go to long island every other year, and this year happened to be one of the years to go. since i had never met some of the cousins and hadn't seen our hosts mary and laz since our wedding, and because we had bebe, we thought this year would be a good year to go. and we were right, it was a great time.

waiting for dessert

colleen, kasey, and patrick

bebe was excited for dessert

and so was everybody else.

beebs and her great nana, chillin'.

i look pretty high, but i'd like to think i look diabolical.

it's not hard to see where beatrix gets some of her good looks from.

well, this is the development of which i spoke. we went in to get bebe up from her nap and found a true breakdown in the ability of the swaddle to contain our daughter. she was practically houdini before now, but usually only able to free up one hand.

one at the top, and one down low. she just looked at us and smiled like "c'mon guys. we both know it was only a matter of time."

pretty freakin' pleased with herself.

we slept at mary and laz's, and the next morning bebe hung out with mary and daddy. she loved mary and would just stare at her and laugh. it was pretty cute.

mems, teed, and nana showed up for breakfast, and we packed up and headed out.

teed walked bebe around the diner while we ate. i'm sure it wasn't to show her off or anything.

our hosts, mary and laz

on the way home we decided to drive instead of taking the ferry. this way bebe could sleep the whole way instead of being up and down.

mission accomplished.

thanks for a great time family! see you again in a few years...

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