Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the two days of x-mas: making friends

last night bebe met some very special friends for the first time: alex, elyse, jess, and alena, aka the yarmo girls. they've been big fans of the beebs for a while now, and we were finally able to arrange a meet and greet for bebe and her adoring public...

clockwise from the left are elyse, alena, jess, and alex. the short, kind of bald one is bebe.

she held court on the floor for a while and the girls got to see her wheel around a little. eventually it was time to take the relationship to the next level: snuggles. and speaking of taking things to another level (perhaps not the 'next' but who knows- as they say in australia: good one on ya', alex!)

elyse was up first, and by virtue of being first got the best of the beebs. she was getting a little fussy and really needed a nap. but like the true professional baby she is, she rallied and did her best to snuggle with everyone.

jess watched in the wings and then grabbed beatrix when she least expected it. that could be anytime really, as i don't think bebe ever expects anything. she's still surprised when she poops her own pants, for crying out loud.

alena gets a smile...

and then she gets an un-smile.

alex was the last to take a turn, and beatrix was fading fast. we only had a matter of seconds to get a group shot:

it was so much fun to hang out- we talked about having babies, gaps in certain people's driving knowledge, academics, politics, boys... there wasn't much we didn't cover. the yarmos (incl. parents mary and steve) are so great and always fun to hang out with. we can't wait 'till the next time we're all together! hopefully sooner than next x-mas...

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