Tuesday, March 23, 2010

family visit!

this is what bebe does when you tell her ahead of time that someone is coming to see her:

see anybody yet?


wait! who's that getting out of that truck down there?

it's grammie, and auntie ash, and uncle trev! woo hoo!

after the initial warm-up phase (during which beatrix clings to her parents before finally spazzing out and running around the house touching each of her toys once and culminating with some face-first head-slams onto the couch), bebe decided the first order of the day was to show off her playground.

she gave auntie ash a quick spin in the car

before ditching her

for the horse.

she LOVES the horse.

the horse kind of makes me nervous.

i have visions of missing teeth, or swollen bloody lips, at least.

don't be alarmed:

that suspicious lurker is just uncle trev.

auntie ash gives a little direction to her model

and they talk about what they're going for

before she starts snapping.

grammie demonstrates the wind-blown, confused old lady look.

taking the bus for a ride:

i'm pretty sure she's trying to talk grammie into racing for pinks...

the last stop is the slide:

she likes to hang from the bar before swinging her feet out and sliding down.

this leads to more photo-ops.

taking the dump truck for a spin before heading out to train-watch.

showing the fam her favorite train-watching perch.

it's got a ledge for sitting,

and it's raised up with an unobstructed view of both inbound and outbound trains, plus the commuter rail, plus the high-speed line!

this is her rather subdued, cultured sort of train-spot. the "golf-clap" of train-spotting, if you will.

after that, it was back to bebe's house for some lunch and to send the family home before nap time. thanks for coming, you guys! see you next time...

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