Thursday, March 11, 2010

a saturday of cleaning

bebe is a super-cleaner. she knows that the secret to any solid day of housework is to start with a list of what needs to get done:

this, unfortunately, is just a bunch of scribbles.

if the list isn't working out for you, then you should just dive right in!

that's right!

just grab that broom and get sweeping!

the floor, beebs. the floor.

and when sweeping doesn't work-

you can always just sort of push your books and coloring books under the refrigerator. someone else will come along eventually and put them where they're supposed to go.

housework can be hard, well, work! you can really sweat- that's why bebe knows that the proper head gear is a must. it will absorb sweat and keep your hair from your eyes.

just a quick adjustment-

there! ready for the next job!

"you mean, there's more?"

"cuz' i was thinking i'd play blocks, or maybe push one of my trucks around..."

how about if i do most of it, and you help where you want?


"okay! but while we're negotiating, how many water breaks do i get?"
you can take as many as you want.

"then i'm taking one right now!"

"whoa. i drank so hard my headband almost fell off..."
i saw that, yeah.

"i'd better sit down from now on."


"there we go."

all refreshed?
"yes! no! wait- just a little more..."

glub, glub, glub...

aside from a good headband or hat, bebe knows that for the really tough jobs you made need something stronger:

luckily, she's got her helmet (actually, it's an old plastic trashcan)!
"alrighty! here we go!"

"just point me in the direction of the really dirty stuff!"

"i'm ready to clean!"

"hold on a sec-"

"i gotta take this thing off. i can't see a thing."

bebe knows that at the end of the day, the best way for things to get done is to just do them!

with that in mind, she took to dusting each shelf of this bookcase.

i'm pretty sure she mostly cleaned the middle shelf...

though i did see her stretching herself out at times. thanks for all of your help, beatrix!