Tuesday, March 16, 2010

robo hat

"heyyyyyy daddy! check out my new hat! it's a truck!"
hmm. actually, i think it's a robot. and it's on a little crooked.

"well, we can't have that. just a minor adjustment..."

better, but still a little crooked.

"well, if at first you don't succeed..."

"hmph. it's a little snug."

"how's that?"
well, now i think you have it on backwards.

"backwards, you say?"

"gimme this #@%$*&!"

"arghhh... if i can just get this strap between my teeth..."

"and pull this other side over..."

i feel like i should stop you here. it's still backwards.

"i appreciate your candor."

"maybe it's just not meant to be! maybe i'll never be able to wear a cool truck hat."
well, not anytime soon. that one's a robot.

"hey! you know what? this is a robot hat!"

"i'm going for it, truck or no truck! i'm no quitter!"

"it is a little tight though."

hey! you did it! it's perfect!
"funny- i don't feel so good."

"now that it's on right, it's kind of making my head hurt."

"plus, this strap is all wet..."

1 comment:

  1. "i appreciate your candor." may just be the funniest thing you've ever pretended bebe said.