Saturday, July 31, 2010

first beach day of the summer!

i've been going to the beach since i was a baby on the back of my mom's bike, and i was glad to continue that summer tradition with my own daughter last year, minus the bike. it was fun dipping her toes in the water and digging holes in the warm sand, and just letting her explore a new environment a little bit.

i was really looking forward to this season for a number of reasons. she was older, and a much different kid than only a year ago. this time around she had her own curiosities and questions, coupled with the vocabulary to communicate them. i wanted to see what she would find interesting, what she'd be scared of (so i could threaten her with it later), and how she played and interacted with the environment this time around.

we normally start hitting the beach as soon as warm weather hits, but with mommy's work schedule it took us until last weekend to make it there for the first time this year.

helping mommy get her swim diaper on, along with an obscene amount of sun screen. bebe helping mommy get her own swim diaper on, not mommy's swim diaper. mommy doesn't wear a swim diaper. that would be weird.

gotta get every little part!

hey lady, i think you missed a spot, har har har!

"that's very funny, daddy. you want i should sunscreen your tongue?"

fully screened and diapered, it's time to suit up:

okay! what should we do first?

getting all sandy is always fun!

then you get to go rinse off in the water!

"filling a bucket with sand, emptying it out, filling it up again..."

"there's just something that's so fulfilling about it! and then unfulfulling! and then refulfilling! and then..."

should we hit the surf? let's do it!

"whoa whoa whoa! what the crap is this all about?"

"dude, the floor is moving. you better pick me up before i barf."

another new development for this year was bebe's own beach chair!

the perfect little seat to tear apart a sand-filled cookie!

"gross! i think i got a little sugar filling in my sand! yech!"

since grammie lives so close to the beach, we like to stop there on our way home. there's also a pool in case we want to take one last dip before we head home to the hot city.

the hugapalooza that began at her birthday party continued at our next visit.

she not only barely had to be coerced into giving out hugs

she just kept on hugging!

and hugging

and hugging

and hugging! she really made auntie ash's day with this ten-minute long hug!

hopefully we'll get to the beach a few more times this summer!

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