Wednesday, February 11, 2009

hey hey hey! it's teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed's birthday!

hey beatrix. what are you up to?

"lessee. 'h.' hmmmmm... 'h,' 'h,' 'h.' oh, here we go!"

"i'm writing my teed a birthday message. this is harder than i thought..."

because you're a baby and you lack the fine motor skills required to type?

"uhhh.... nope, not really."

oh. well then maybe it's the fact that you have no knowledge of the english language?

"ummm... nuh-uh."

"okay. 'p' ooooh! this is gonna be great!"

"anyway, it's not either of those things you were talking about. it's ah... it's um... y'know, it's..."

"hey. was that the cat? and i thought i saw something shiny over there..."

i bet it has something to do with being easily distracted.

"wow. this screen is really bright. hypnotic almost."

"okey-dokey, back to work!"

"need a 'b.' here we go."

"focus! gotta keep my focus! my teed is depending on me!"

"and there we go- HERPEY BURPDAT!"

um, you might want to spell check that, beebs. but i'm sure he knows what you mean, and that you love him a whole bunch!

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