Thursday, February 26, 2009

last weekend

i'm not sure where this week went, but i'm not complaining, except that this post is now wayyyyy overdue. last weekend we went to visit teed and mems. it pretty much snowed the entire time we were there, from light fluffy flurries to a predicted eight to twelve inches on sunday...

this was saturday, after flurries early in the morning. it warmed up a bit and the sky cleared for a little while.

this was a great trip for the grands. bebe is at the age where she has really determined that there's a whole entire world out there full of funny looking people who are not her in any way. this "otherness," or sense of separateness means that aside from mommy and daddy (and her auntie jamie who she sees a few days a week), she's now "seeing" other people. she remembers faces she's seen before, which is sweet for everyone- in this case the grandparents are psyched because she recognizes them and offers smiles when she sees them coming, and mommy and daddy are excited because it means she's remembering other people and not just every state capital, her times table through twelve, the date of the oslo peace accord, and when the first crash test dummy was created (the Sierra Sam was created in 1949). one does tire of hearing the same minutiae endlessly. it's like the kid was on a tape loop. over and over again with all that stuff. ugh.shut up already, beatrix.

the past few times we've visited, i've mentioned how much bebe loves her mems- she smiles big when she sees her, tracks her around the room, and just bubbles with excitement around her. well, in a miracle of miraculous miraculity, little beatrix has enlarged her already big and bloody heart to include her teed.

and like the true diva he is, he couldn't have noticed or cared less. a man like teed gets enormous amounts of love from everyone on a regular basis. he barely noticed this extra little bit.

she was fascinated with his bling- "say, teed- do you set this watch by the atomic clock? where's the button for greenwich mean time?"

"niiiiice bridge work. you're gonna run into trouble with that second bicuspid, though. little wider, please..."

it snowed all day sunday. the forecast went from snow flurries, to inches, to a foot.

and the dog had wicked gas. wicked, wicked, gas.

bebe and her teed:

"don't look now, but i think we're being watched..."

"yeah. so then i said, ready? ready? so then i said, 'lady, that's no squash! it's a shaved shih tzus barking out the star spangled banner!' ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ha ha ha ha ha!"

she was really interested in teed's watch. but what was really interesting was that for once, she wasn't interested in how it tasted. that was just a lot of interest in those two sentences. and since i just said it again, i guess you can count that last sentence too. anyway, she just turned it over and over in her fat little mitts, pausing occasionally to point at the face or at a spot on the band.

please note, she's wearing jeans. teeny, tiny jeans. straight leg, relaxed fit. except for at her butt, which is big.

we couldn't get down the driveway on sunday, and it never actually stopped snowing when 'they' said it would. we tried to wait it out, pushing back our exodus by hours at a time. finally we decided that it would be safer to get up early monday morning and head back then.

there was already a good amount of snow to begin with. it was pretty, but the thought of easing down the treacherous, slippery driveway was daunting, to say the least. when it came time to give it a try, teed drove down in front of us. that way if we started to slide, he could break us with his car (all wheel drive, studded snow tires) and keep us from careening out into traffic.

the pike was pretty clear, and by the time we hit springfield it looked as though it hadn't snowed there in weeks.

beep beep! thanks teed!

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