Thursday, February 12, 2009

i came to kick ass and chew broccoli (and i'm all out of kicking ass)...

now that the baby bebe eats with us a few nights a week, she likes to watch her food being prepared and anxiously awaits her meal. mommy has fashioned a "hunger perch" which consists of this nest of blankets in a corner of the kitchen. from here she can wait and watch. and wait.

"how's that coming over there?"

just a few more minutes...

"hello? can you toss me a cracker or something? starving down here..."
almost ready beatrix.

"did i miss my first birthday? are you guys growing that broccoli yourselves? wasting away down here."
bebe, it's only been twenty seconds...

finally, it was time to eat. or in the case of bebe versus broccoli, eviscerate.

"come to me, precious..."

go easy beebs!

"i didn't do anything, i swear! i touch it and it practically explodes. sort of."
i can see that. very combustible vegetable, broccoli.

"wait a sec- did you say that broccoli is a vegetable?"

"ewww! what kind of game are you guys playing? i didn't know i was eating vegetables!"

"then again, i guess they are pretty tasty. or at least a lot tastier than the stuff i eat off of the rug."

i thought we agreed not to mention that in front of your mother?

"oh, uh, hi mom."

"it's been a while since i ate something off of the rug. at least a day."

beebs, you're doing that thing again where the more you talk, the worse it gets. for both of us.

"daddy made me do it! he said... he said it was a vitamin! yeah, a vitamin! make me big and strong! i can't tell the difference between cat litter and vitamins. i'm only .5! not my fault! not my fault!"

way to stick together, bebe. thanks a lot...

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