Tuesday, February 3, 2009

mmm... breakfast

we started back in on the real food again. bebe's been mashing up bananas and rice and oatmeal and broccoli...

just a quick 'teeth' update. any in there?

oh, beebs, don't worry. sooner or later.

you don't even need them right now, anyway.

see, that banana didn't stand a chance!

somebody say 'oatmeal!'


kind of scared yourself there a bit.

"didn't realize i had it in me."



tiny tried to get in on the action, but when he realized what he was getting, he changed his mind.

it's always good to finish off a meal with some water.

and this might be my most favoritest picture ever.

and since that banana is still kicking around...

cutest baby ever, even covered in slime.


  1. You know, considering the multitude of (cute) sequential photographs you post, you should consider a (cute) video clip instead.

  2. ahhh, but while they look sequential, they are in fact not! i take them one at a time, on varying days, waiting for a convergence of the exact same light, outfit, mood, etc. what you are seeing takes place not all at once, but over weeks and weeks...