Saturday, October 30, 2010

13 days of halloween, day 02: celebrating samhain!

on the eve of All Hallow's Eve, bebe and i got up early to start the day right. first order of business was to put on our hoodies- it's one of our favorite things about Fall.

next order of business- a screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas:

this was technically the second time beebs has seen it, but the last time was about a year ago and she didn't remember any of it. she had lots of questions and we had so much fun watching.

after breakfast, we wanted to take a walk to the Arboretum. we thought it would be a nice way to celebrate halloween since All Hallow's Eve was originally part of the Celtic festival of Samhain, meaning roughly "summer's end." halloween isn't all about ghosts and goblins and getting presents- it's also a time to close the door on summer and begin the fall season in earnest. and there's no better way to celebrate fall in our area than to take a colorful walk in the woods under a canopy of leaves as the wind blows them down on top of you!

as we made our way, we passed piles of leaves blown into fences and across fields.

it was a bright sunny morning

full of blue skies and plenty of color!

once we were safely inside the arboretum, little mouse was let loose to run and play:

she loved getting ahead and yelling "i'm sooooo fah away!"

she only stopped long enough to pick a leaf to bring home to mommy.

on our way to the creek we found this great open space full of leaves that went "SWISH-SWISH" as we walked through them.

and bebe found this tree that she could climb up into without any help!

the sunlight through the trees made cool shadow trails we followed as we ran.

ZOOM! kid is too fast for auto-focus!

after a little while we got back on the path and headed towards the sound of rushing water. well, actually it was more like water that was not quite late for an appointment but still hurrying, just in case some unforeseen deterrent pops up.

before we got there we came across a grove of these cool stalks.

bebe shook them and shook them... but nothing really happened. true story.

we found a giant leaf on the path, and followed a trail back to the tree it must have fallen from.

some of the leaves on the tree were bigger than bebe's head!

while we were gathering rocks to throw into the creek, bebe fired up her hilarious sense of humor as she pretended to eat this rock:

"i'm eating this rock? i'm eating this rock?"
she's a real cut-up.

at the creek we found a great spot for her to sit and throw rocks:


we stopped at a big rock to have a snack before heading home.

baba rested in the stroller most of the time. she's kind of lazy.

on our way out, we saw a policeman riding a huge horse! it was awesome. he said hi to bebe. the policeman, not the horse.

good bye, summer! you were great this year!

this post was brought to you by the song "Summertime Rolls" by Jane's Addiction, and the movie The Wicker Man. see you tomorrow for Halloween!!!

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