Sunday, October 24, 2010

13 days of halloween, day 08: how do you follow elmo?

well, to answer that title- you don't even try. the kid looked so ridiculously cute yesterday that the only way to follow it is to just scale everything back and take it easy for today. and that's exactly what we did.

so, on the eighth day of halloween...

bebe got this ghost stamp!

he's pretty crazy looking when you look at him up close.

bebe got this one right after she woke up from nap, and i thought she was awake, but she was still a little out of it:
"i'd like to thank the academy..."

but once she saw what he did

she got really into it.

almost too into it, in fact.

tonight's post was brought to you by the song "Nights Ash Black" by the band Scorn, and the movie GhostBusters.

see you tomorrow!

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