Wednesday, October 20, 2010

13 days of halloween, day 12: the grim creaper...

last year, beebs got a frankenstein version of these wind-up walky things, and she wasn't sure quite what to do with it. besides hug it and smooch it. it was pretty cute. this year, for the twelfth day of halloween, she got the grim reaper:

still with the smooches.

he cuts a pretty intimidating path

until you remember he's only two inches tall.

this was like the steamroller scene in austin powers. i think i even had to re-wind him once in the middle there. he made it though. eventually.


i neglected to mention that yesterday's post was brought to you by Rachmaninoff's Isle of the Dead, and the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. today's post is brought to you by The Misfits' album Walk Among Us, and the movie Friday the 13th... see you tomorrow!

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