Tuesday, October 19, 2010

13 days of halloween, day 13: the chomp-o-lantern!

i've always liked halloween- costumes, horror movies, candy... what's not to like? most of you will remember from last year that i decided to start the halloween celebration that i never had as a kid, kind of like a ghoulish hanukkah-type thing. for anyone who doesn't remember how it works, each day would bring a new little present or game as we count down the days to all hallow's eve. to ensure that the evil spirits preparing to wander the world of the living stayed away from our house, we needed to start with the appropriate talisman: the chomp-o-lantern.

some people call them jack o'lanterns, but we model ours after bebe's chompers. hence, chomp-o-lantern. last year she wasn't able to help much, but this year she jumped right in!

special thanks to mommy for snapping the pictures during the making-of!

making sure i get the teeth right.


hard at work

using her MUSCLES!




ready to start on the face!

"hmmm. right foot, silver bowl. left foot, blue bowl..."

makes daddy happy to see his little girl wielding an edged weapon.

but daddy does the cutting.


taking out an eye...

and then another, and the nose...

working on the mouth is the hardest part. especially since beatrix has so many more teeth this year!

in the end, we think it turned out pretty great!

then we just needed to place it in a window

light the candle

and turn out the lights!


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