Monday, October 6, 2008

bebe and the weeze, '08! part dos...

well little mouse, it looks like it's just you and me. tiny's jumped ship. literally and figuratively.

it's all my fault, really.

he was sitting right over there. we were discussing our strategy for the upcoming debates.

we made such a great team. i should have never scheduled a meeting so closely after my feeding.

sometimes things don't stay all the way down.

you should have seen him jump when i projectile vomited all over him. it was kind of funny...

but now i'm going to have to drop out of the race. he said he'd rather lick his own butt than run with me. or near me.

all that's left of our once strong alliance is that wet spot on the couch.

i guess there's always 2012. maybe i should get some senate experience in the meantime. let's go, little mouse! i said, let's go little mouse! crap, i hope i can walk by then...

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