Saturday, October 4, 2008

bebe and the weeze, '08!

i'm so confused.

tiny! wake up! i need to talk.

this election has me really worried.

i can't sleep at night. and during the day it's forty-five minute naps, at best!

you want me to teach you how to take naps?

no! i'm thinking that babies are severely under represented in this election.

if i could get myself on the ballot...

oh... i don't know. politics is so scary.

on the other hand, i'm as qualified as any of these other jokers.

i'll need a running mate...


i know you're awake! i can see your ear twitching!

we'll have to brush up on the issues- find out what's really important to cats and babies everywhere.

mommy can manage the campaign. daddy says mommy likes to manage everything anyway.

we're going to need a fundraiser too...

i'm so excited i could eat my hand.

whadda' ya' say, america! would you vote for this face? it's beatrix and tiny in '08!

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