Friday, October 24, 2008


i guess since somebody's gotta pick up the pace while mommy's computer is being fixed, it will be me. i'm not promising daily updates so don't get crazy. i'll try my best to post with regularity until mommy's blog is back up and running. it seems like such a rite of passage as a blogger when you have to post that 'my computer/network/website/whatever is broken- be back soon' message. it's like she's all growd up. which is good, because she's somebody's mommy, for crying out loud. bebe's. bebe's mommy. oh, and here she is! these are some pics bebe and i took on our walk last weekend, trying out the furry sleeping bag type contraption. if you think sweaty baby feet are cute, this may be the thing for you. if you're uncle bayun, you'd say it's hella warm up in there.

she finds new ways to get cuter all the time. how about the mysterious look...

and a just a hint of little mouse tucked way down in there. dutch oven, anyone?

this last picture is hi-larious. for those not in the b-town know, our fair mayor, mumbles menino, has an anti graffiti task force that runs around busting people for spraying paint, when they should be busting people for spraying bullets. graff hasn't killed anyone (that i know of) except for that dude in the movie beat street, the tagger who has the baby on the way and chases the other evil tagger into the subway and then gets electrocuted. and really, that was electricity that killed him, not graffiti. so as far as i know, the score looks something like this:

bullets: billions
graffiti: none

so this is just the mayor's face, spray stenciled on to the side of a mailbox. it's awesome.
that's it for now, but there's more on the way. and if you've been interested in the photo blog, there's a bunch of new color polaroid stuff going up daily...

addendum: lb got her computer back so it looks like i'm off the hook- timely updates, my heiny! woo hoo...

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  1. uncle ben would actually say "hecka warm," i'm pretty sure. he's a teacher -- he doesn't swear around the youngsters.