Tuesday, October 28, 2008

it's on!

sad to see the sox bow out, but IT'S BASKETBALL SEASON AGAIN!

you could say that daddy is a little bit of a fan

...and so is someone else we know!

if you read mommy's blog, you all know that bebe and i have kept close tabs on the team in the pre-season and we're pretty excited to start it up. this time last year, we took bebe to her first b-ball game (in utero) when we watched (alongside auntie ash and uncle trev) the new-look celtics take on (and crush) the washington wizards at the new garden. this year daddy is going to watch the ring ceremony (did you know? they won the championship last year.) and banner raising at auntie ashley's house on the jumbo HD tv. and you know daddy will have his face pressed right up against the screen so he will be sure not to miss any tears that may appear in lebron james' eyes. there's a rumor he may not even watch the ceremony, and that makes sense. if you can't lose like a champion, you'll never win like a champion. sorry, lechump. beebs will likely sleep through it all, but her basketball life is just beginning. by next summer she'll be able to appreciate our back to back championships a little better...

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