Friday, October 17, 2008

friday night(s'all right for fighting)

but first, let's back up to wednesday:

after work, daddy met beatrix and mommy

we took bebe on her first trip to the dentist! easy, yarmo, this was a trip for mommy. still, it was bebe's first trip to a dentist.
here she is, perfectly encapsulating her mommy's feelings at the time. mommy doesn't like the dentist...

you can always count on little mouse to lounge at ease during the tense times. you should see him kick back during red sox games. the guy doesn't have a care in the world!

this is the reaction you get when you try to explain the concept of teeth to someone perfectly content to gum her way through life. sharp things? in my mouth? nuh-uh.

'fraid so, beebs.

beatrix and little mouse took a nap in the car that continued once we got inside.

by the time we got home the sun had set and the moon was on the rise. it's getting darker a lot earlier these days...

i don't really look forward to this time of year. fall itself is probably my favorite season, but as the days grow shorter i'm reminded of the winter time. i leave for work in the dark, and get out just past sunset. i could go an entire work week without daylight. i always have a camera with me and if there's a particularly nice morning i take some pictures to carry down into the darkness of the salt mine with me...

however, fall/winter also means basketball season!

remember these guys? aw yeah!

beatrix couldn't wait for the regular season to start. she insisted we sit down and watch some pre-season action. so my daughter and i sat down to watch our first celtics game together. let's just marvel at that sentence once more: MY DAUGHTER AND I SAT DOWN TO WATCH OUR FIRST CELTICS GAME TOGETHER. holy crap you guys.

she clapped at the tip-off

she liked what she saw from the veterans and got into the action early on. just like tommy, she's always on the refs- 'come on! that's a charge! he had his shoulder down! our guy had position! i can't believe this! you stink like my diaper!'

she says her favorite player right now is leon powe. here she is giving him a fist bump.

she also likes rondo, and of course Big Baby glen davis. the second unit is shaping up, and TA looks like he may be back to his old self, or something close to it.

she was a little concerned about the rookie class this year, but like the red sox, the celtics are doing a good job of developing their young talent. not too quickly, and with an emphasis on hard work and fundamentals. o'bryant looks like a solid back-up for perkins, but hopefully this season we won't see him much except to give big perk a rest when he needs it.

i'm going to love watching the games with her- but one drawback, as you can see, is that she's a couch hog. move over bebe!

thanks to uncle steve and aunt jodie for her first c's hat!

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