Saturday, October 18, 2008

saturday's trip to pumpkin fest '08

saturday morning mommy surprised me and suggested we go downtown for the annual pumpkin fest at city hall plaza. i said yes immediately- mommy never suggests we leave the house, for anything. actually, i shouldn't say that. she does make suggestions, but her follow-through is a little on the lean side. so mostly i say yes because in all probability it will never happen anyway and this makes me appear to be enthusiastic and agreeable without actually having to do whatever it is we're talking about. but this actually sounded like a fun idea and i don't get to hang around the city as much as i used to thanks to this loser kid we have now:

she just screams 'enthusiasm!'

as i've mentioned, we live in a particularly wooded part of the city. as we walked to the train we could see some of the fall foliage just beginning to turn colors. i explained to bebe that soon they would not be pretty anymore, but would become brown and wrinkled and old, and then fall to the ground dead, just like human beings do.

when it comes to riding the subway, beebs is a champ. she just kicks back and sleeps he whole way.

pumpkin fest was full, but not as full as i had thought it would be. it was a little on the chilly side, really the first fall-feeling day we've had so far. when the sun was out it was nice, but the clouds kept us shivering. still, there were a lot of carved pumpkins on display.

if i was a bird i could have totally pooped on mommy in this picture. just sayin'.

the pyramid o'pumpkins.

once the pyramid was full, they started lining the jack o'lanterns along the steps.

it was pretty cool to see how many different ways they had all been carved.

mommy takes in the sea of orange. there's never been quite the smell of pumpkin guts in the air as there was on that day.

oh, you're up! wanna' get out of there and check these out?

even missing their insides, some of these guys probably weighed more than beatrix.

okay, i'll check it out...

i'm not what you would call a big 'family activity' advocate. my idea of family time involves staying inside and keeping strange people the hell away from my house. still, it's nice that there are things like this going on in the city that allow for people with little kids to go out and stab giant vegetables with sharp objects. the fact that you fill them with fire at the end of the ritual is also not lost on me. halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays. it's too bad that to really enjoy it you have to be inspired to pick/create a costume and then interact with like-minded humans in some festive, party-like atmosphere. call me old-fashioned, but i prefer human sacrifices under the cover of darkness with some goat's blood thrown in for good measure. but now that i have beatrix, i feel like i could be motivated enough to put together some great ensembles. my c3po to her r2d2, with mommy as darth maul (her choice), or maybe my luke skywalker to her yoda a la the empire strikes back training scenes on dagobah. she'd look pretty cute in some pointy green ears, and by the time she's big enough to wear the costume she'll be talking like yoda anyway...

strapping on the baby-

locked and loaded. it's like being a cuteness suicide bomber. and she's got a short fuse, let me tell you.

no sooner does one strap her on, when you're level of approachability increases ten-fold. that is, until people realize that just by being in close proximity of the cuteness blast radius, they too are made cute to a level most are simply not comfortable with.

notice the wide berth she's being given? people can't stand to get too close, because eventually they'll leave the comfortable influence of her glow and go back to being their ugly old selves.

you want the cute? you can't handle the cute!

sorry for that.

one thing bebe was not crazy about was the sun in her eyes. our little vampire prefers the shadows, bless her little heart.

when it was time to head home, we walked back through the public garden, where we tested the puratanical ethics of this fine state we live in by engaging in that most wicked of social taboos- breast feeding in public! seriously, public drunkenness is tolerated, but a mother can't provide necessary life giving nourishment to her child without being scolded and looked down upon?

we did okay i think. nobody really noticed or seemed to care.

that is until this crowd started to gather around us.

and then this pervy old lady showed up. just kidding, she schlepped on past, minding her old lady business.

mmmm, mid burp!

for all you profile lovers out there, i give you the greatest nose ever to sit firmly upon a human face, and right in the middle, no less. and because i'm feeling generous, two-thirds of ear perfection. the cheek just happened to be there at the time. you're welcome.

we walked up boylston to back bay...

where we hoped bebe would take a little nap on the way home.


'i can hear you guys, you know....' damn.

but in the end, we won out and she snoozed for just a little bit.

to punish her for her lack of quality nap time, we rolled out the bumbo. you will sit, my pretty. you will sit... and, uh... sit. mwaahahahahahahahahaha!

this contraption still feels obscene to me. it's just weird and she doesn't quite get it yet. and i know it sort of looks like she's falling forward in an uncontrolled way, but this is not the case, i assure you. she apparently felt she could really get to licking her kneecaps in this thing. go figure.

she had no problems whatsover straightening up when she wanted to. she just didn't want to all that often.

like her auntie ashley, she loves to rub her little hands together, no doubt plotting her revenge...

someday, bumbo. someday you will pay for all of this sitting...

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