Saturday, May 9, 2009

herpy burpdat, yarmo girls!

ever have a great birthday, only to have the day after feel a little, well, like a downer? birthday withdrawal is an issue we take seriously here at the blog, and to help combat this tragic circumstance, we've developed the "Happy Day After Your Birthday!!!" celebration. suuuurrrre, everybody wants to wish you a happy birthday, and on your birthday no less- but how many people are around to wish you a happy day after? don't worry, i'll give you the answer: one and one third! when we woke up this morning, bebe and i immediately went to work on the preparations for the Happy Day After Your Birthday(!) tea party and trip to the zoo!

but before we get to the party itself, we need to introduce our guests:





aka, The Yarmo Girls!

i have to admit that beatrix did most of the work. she just brought me along to take the pictures. here she is putting the finishing touches on the hired entertainment.

"there might be a problem with the entertainer i hired. i can't find his other arm."
well, we'll just have to make do, i guess.

the girls all lined up in front of the zoo

as the one-armed basketball player took the stage

how many parties have you been to where there was a one-armed b-ball player? welcome to our weird little world. buckle up.

this guy was our doorman. it's important to keep out the riff-raff. no paparazzi, please.

tuning up the piano

"mi mi mi!"

"is this thing on?!?"

"herpy burpdat to you, herpy burpdat to you, herpy burpdat, dear yarmoooooos..."

"herpy burpdat to you!"

"is it just me, or did that not sound right?"

sounded fine to me.
frau maus gave everyone rides home in her cheese wagon. it's important to have a designated driver.

but before everyone went back to the toy box, we brought out the cake- sort of.

bebe's not allowed to use the oven so this was the best she could do.



we hope you all had great birthdays, and that the day after is just as good (or pretty freakin' close)!


  1. this is great! :)
    can't wait to see you all again!

  2. BEST EVER!!!! thanks josh and beebs!!!