Monday, May 11, 2009

yum yum, dim sum!

on mother's day, we met great uncle chuck, great aunt karen, and cousin carly for dim sum in chinatown! it was our first time going as a family, though mommy had been once before. we were pretty excited to get out of the house and try something new.

this is how we travel. daddy hangs back taking pictures while mommy zooms ahead. they're little legs, but she's speedy.


waiting for the train. mommy's new haircut is hot

you might almost forget there was a bebe back there. except for every once in a while there's the squeak of a teeny voice saying "dah!" for 'dog,' or "sdat!" for anything in general. beatrix is so happy to be outside, she squeals with delight as we head down our stairs to the front door.

the last time she was on the subway she was pretty little. there's lots of noise and plenty to see.

bebe spotted a woman reading a book and began smiling and pointing, hoping she could get a hold of it. the woman wasn't having any of it. eventually bebe gave up and went back to scanning for dogs...

hi, mommy!

here we are! dim sum, hold the exotic cocktails.

making friends wherever she goes.

even though it was really crowded, we didn't have to wait at all. the rest of the fam arrived right before us and got seated right away.

bebe insisted that she be seated next to aunt karen, so as to avoid eating chicken's feet or tripe.

after an extensive lesson on chopstick etiquette

she opted to go with her ol' stand-by, the boob.

she was an awfully mellow kiddo, and spent lots of time giving snuggles to great uncle chuck.

i had mentioned to mommy how unusual it is to go into a big, old building downtown and not have it be chopped up into all kinds of smaller rooms/offices/stores/etc. emperor's garden is a huge old room, totally packed all day long. it was great.

it might have been the stimulation of the environment, or UC's baby mojo, or both. for whatever reason, once she was in his arms she was content to snuggle or peer around at all of the people. sorry, bebe. no books, no dogs.

afterwards, we decided to take a walk across the common to the duck pond. it was so windy that bebe looked like the old test-pilot footage of the guy in the goggles with his mouth being blown open. it also kept the fuzzle of hair on top of her head standing up, or even blown straight back.

on the move

waiting for the light to change, bebe throws on her sox cap.

almost there!

there were blossom petals on the ground everywhere. from a distance, the pink and white looked like snow.

after being nearly run down in a crosswalk by some asshole driving an suv and talking on her cell phone, we strolled up newbury street to make fun of all the people wearing five-hundred dollar sunglasses.

i think bebe's hinting that she might want more UC time.


jeeze, these two are cute together!

as we finally made it back home, just in time for a nap, there was one last stop to smell the flowers on our street.

thanks UC, aunt karen, and cousin carly for a great lunch date! let's do it again!

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