Friday, May 29, 2009

memorial day weekend pt 1

we got up saturday morning and drove to mems' and teed's house. lookit this kid:

this is her new "outdoor" face. whenever she first gets outside, she makes this face for some reason. she's a funny little weirdo.

ah, that's better. back to normal.

she's been learning to make different noises by drumming her fingers across her lips. once she finds out she can do this AND spit water at the same time, it's all over for us.

these pics remind me of when pitchers and catchers meet on the mound, and hold their gloves up so we can't see what they're saying. most of the time i'm sure it's the same kind of stuff bebe says: "well, my diaper's full, so i'm thinking fastball straight up the middle. if he whiffs, the inning's over, and if he hits it, it's outta here and so am i. either way i gotta get out of this thing before i get rashy."

car rides are so boring. ho hum.

for most of saturday we just hung out with the family. aunt marge and uncle ben were there, and it's always great to see them. towards bebe's bed time we decided she needed a tubba. mommy hopped in so that bebe didn't hog all the fun:

that's some truly great hair, beatrix.

the next morning we went out for brunch.

bebe looked over the menu, but it all looked like gibberish to her so mommy picked out some good stuff.

course one consisted of a corn muffin. from what i could tell, it was pretty good.

bebe's got her eyes on mems' ice tea...

but mommy gave her a strawberry instead.

"what the eff?"

"uh, here. you finish this."

on the ride home, she practiced intimidating me. i think it worked.

"hey, do you smell that?"

"who farted?"

actually, it's coming from your pants, bebe.

"awwwww! somebody put poop in my pants! gross!!!"

"oh, wait. hold on a sec. i think there's a little more..."

"just gas. what a bummer."

i managed to get a few good "teeth" shots:

they're gone!

they're back! sort of.

there we go- all two and one eighth.

sunday afternoon, bebe spent some time with mems. she loved looking at the stuff on the fridge:

mems and teed were pretty crazed in the weeks leading up to the last presidential election. teed was crazed by the election itself, and mems was crazed by teed being crazed. i don't participate in politics (it only encourages the politicians) but i wanted to do my part, so in the final week before the election itself, i made a bunch of obama postcards and sent one a day for about seven or eight days to mems' and teed's house. i'm into art, and street art in particular, and it was no secret that lots of street artists got behind obama and produced prints and stickers to aid the campaign and/or make a statement. shepard fairey is obviously the biggest of those folks, but guys like david choe and ron english (he did the murals of obama looking like abe lincoln) also created some pretty iconic images.

mems is looking really proud here for a reason:
bebe gravitated toward shepard's piece, and even identified it on two different post cards, as two slightly different versions. she was able to pick out one, than the other, and match them up without any help! what a brain. she's going to be the brightest supermodel star athelete of the bunch at rocket science summer camp. and i'm not just saying that because i'm here daddy.

mems interrupts for some smooches.

since she was still dealing with fallout from her nut allergy, she was dosed regularly with benadryl. mems lends a hand getting the red stuff to go down.

"alright! i'm medicated! let's get on to part two!!!"

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