Saturday, May 30, 2009

memorial day weekend pt 2: the pool

"uh, did you say pool?"

ok, not actually the pool. the water would be a little too cold for someone so small (or daddy for that matter). but there was the hot tub:

feeling it out...

getting the feets goin'...

now we're talkin'!

"hey daddy!"

yeah beebs?

"does this bathing suit make my thighs look fat?"

nope. your fat makes your thighs look fat.

ramona kept a close eye on everything. she wasn't going to let anything happen to her little sister. but since ramona is a dog who refuses to go in water, the most she's capable of is to run around hysterically, barking and whining any time someone splashes the least little bit. if she wasn't so weird i'd swear she was adopted.

"grab my tongue and i'll pull you to safety!"

"uh, thanks. i'll pass for right now. unless you can dry that thing off a little."

"hey mems!"

practicing the choob stroke.

as with many things, i laughed at that hat when mommy first showed it to me. but like everything else, once you get it on the beebs, it's pretty adorable.

she loves to bird watch. "birrrrrr! birrrrr!" she says.

did you have a good first swim?


okay, lady. time to put on your cover-up. luckily great nana gave you just the thing:


"is it okay if i eat a worm?"

are you asking because you already ate one?

"wellll, maybe part of one. it kind of broke."

"i'll see if i can find a whole one..."


"three, four, five... huh."

"i coulda' swore there were six fingers here a minute ago... oh crap, did i eat one!?!"

"this is between you and me! don't tell mommy!"

ok, but it's time to go in and start dinner. that is, if you're not too full...

teed made the carry back to the house, and it was time to play a little before dinner and bed...

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