Thursday, May 14, 2009

ten months old

beatrix marie celebrated being ten months old today by getting up nice and early with daddy and jamming on her piano.

she's got a real "jerry-lee lewis" thing going on here. i should have shot some video, but that's mommy's thing.

anyway, she dances furiously as she plays, lifting her little legs, banging her head, and swinging her boiler from side to side.

it usually lands her on her bottom before too long.

"you, uh, weren't watching that whole time, were you?"

i included this picture because seconds before i took it she was crawling at top speed, dragging 'dog' along in her wake. he was literally trapped beneath one leg and being dragged along for the ride. this is the moment he broke free, or was jettisoned. take your pick.

and all for an empty oatmeal box! bebe loves empty packaging.

we went into the kitchen, where she proceeded to hint at wanting some breakfast.

and after some digging around in her chair, found some leftovers to snack on.

"whadda' you want? i got half a sweet potato fry, some cherios, i think this glob is tofu? who knows, you can never tell with tofu."

doesn't it gross you out a little to eat all that food? it's old and you've been sitting on it, and it's got cat hair on it, and-

"i'm afraid i don't understand. what was the question, again?"

"y'know, i bet i could get up on the refrigerator from here."

"after i clear out this cheerio."

"and this cheerio."

"aaaaand this cheerio."

it's hard to believe we're coming up on a year...

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