Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bath time

because of my work schedule, the real quality time i spend with bebe during the week is at night after i've come home. this time also usually involves mommy to some degree, and while it's great to have some family time on a daily basis, having mommy around means having to answer a TON of dumb questions.

"where did she get this knife?"

"is she drinking beer?"

"did she just beat your high score on that game?"

that last one is particularly annoying because when it comes to video games bebe is just your basic button-masher who occasionally gets lucky (just like mommy). so it's also nice that bebe and i get some one on one time together as well. we get to reconnect, and also establish that i'm some kind of authority figure in her life and not just her big play buddy. neither of us carries any illusions, however- one of our favorite sayings when it's just the two of us is "mommy, BOSS!"

most of our alone time comes after dinner, when it's known as Tubba Time in our house.

beebs does not take particularly elaborate baths. she has a big bag of toys, but she's pretty happy with some cups and a couple of wash cloths.

when she gets bored she goes back to the old standby of "splash, splash, splash!"

or she makes up her own games to play.

"i'm going to regret not splashing that camera in about twelve years. i can just feel it."

ha. wait till you see this next batch!

she recently got really into wearing her bath robe afterwards- both mommy and daddy wear them- but the only one she had was, uh, coming up short.

"is there a window open somewhere? my buns are chilly!"

from the front it was still a little short, but still completely cute:


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