Monday, February 15, 2010

chillin' on the potty

while bebe showed an early interest in her potty, and even produced some results her first few tries, productivity since those early days has been way, way down. our approach so far has been to encourage her when she's interested in it but to otherwise not make a big deal about it. she often asks to sit on it and will even scoot around the kitchen while reading books and occasionally checking to see if anything's going on down below. we figure that when she's ready she'll take to it on her own, and we'd rather let her come to it of her own accord. the exception would be if she was a ten year old wearing diapers for small adults. i like to think that we'd step in on that occasion. but hey, you never know...

"uh, hi. little privacy?"

well, you are sitting in the middle of the dining room floor...

like lots of people, she enjoys good reading materials for the potty. she usually prefers books with pictures of babies or trucks or animals.


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