Monday, February 8, 2010

a little tree

even though we weren't going to be home for x-mas, bebe and i wanted to get a little tree. it was mostly an excuse to take a train ride downtown...

"awright! let's goooooo!"

"are you just gonna trail back there the whole time? get a move on!"

"do dee do..."

trash can present for scale comparison.

waiting for the train to come!

"huh. so this the city."

"lots of birds."

"they kind of smell."
well, pigeons are like rats with wings.


"um, do you think they heard me?"

i think that one over there is calling you out.

we better go. he's getting his friends.

we went to the flower shop outside of Back Bay Station.

most of the plants inside were taller than bebe. if it wasn't for her constant movement i might have lost her in the jungle of flowers. she picked out a tree and we made our way back down to the platform, headed for home.

it used to be enough to just be on a train, but now she wants to look out the window the whole ride.

okay, beebs. here's our stop!

looks great! hey, was that a pigeon i just heard?

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