Tuesday, February 9, 2010


a while ago (almost every post for the next couple of posts is going to start this way. pretend it's a historical retrospective or something...) we went all the way to NYC to see AM and UB. brooklyn, to be specific.

it was a dark and stormy afternoon.


look! they spell brooklyn like i spell brooklyn, all illiterate and what have you. although, in my defense, i didn't have an alphabet sitting next door to me when i wrote this post, so i don't see what their excuse could be.

we broke up the drive to make sure that beebs got some awake time and some nap time. she was a real champ

...which made mommy a happy driver.

when we got there aunt marge whipped up a bowl of welcome to NYC guacamole! and speaking of happy, have you ever seen our kid tear into a bowl of guacamole? TOTAL ANNIHILATION.

i'll just let the following series speak for itself:

yeah. she's a double-digit dipper for sure. in fact, she usually just uses the chip like a shovel until she's worked it so hard that it gets floppy and either falls in the bowl or onto the floor.

when we finished with our snack, we headed over to meet our newest little buddy, lincoln!

he's the one in stripes.

he looks an awful lot like his dad!

bebe was interested, but cautious, as she should be. never turn your back on a baby.

i'm pretty sure he won her over.

in the mornings, bebe watches the newest skate videos at the berrics...

and then hits up sports center for all of last night's games. she goes to bed pretty early.

after a little light stretching

and a breather

she's ready for the day!

it was mighty cold that morning, but bebe insisted on checking out the playground directly across the street from aunt marge and uncle ben's house.

the grown ups stood around shivering.

but bebe knew the key was to keep moving.

how great are these things? they're a little weird and depending upon how you look at them, a little... mature. like when disney artists draw weiners in the back ground of the little mermaid or make it so that you can see jessica rabbit's panties if you slo-mo freeze your dvd of "who framed roger rabbit." so i've heard.

jay-sus, this one would give me nightmares if i was a little kid!

"i got next."

bebe, bklyn it:

thanks for the awesome time aunt marge and uncle ben!

back into the car we go

headed out of the city.

snoozy kabloozy.

too bad she was asleep. she missed some tight graf work on the way out of town.

not to mention this truck. ON FIRE.

with the setting sun at our backs, we headed home. thanks, NYC.

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