Saturday, February 20, 2010

valentine's day on the cape

we've never really been big celebrators of valentine's day. although one year teed did try to take me to a basketball game, which is the ultimate declaration of love if you ask me, but weather kept him from following through on the commitment and so mommy had to take his place. it's so hard to find a man who will commit- am i right, ladies? anyway, on valentine's day this year we met up with mems and teed on the cape. aside from celebrating love and stuff, we were also celebrating teed's birthday, which had happened a few days before.

it was a short drive and once we got there bebe barely had time to take her coat off before we dressed her back up again and headed out for a walk. it was a beautiful day.

if there's a different path to take, she's taking it. that's my girl...

jeeze-louise. lookit these two.

we hung out at the bandstand for a little while

and try as he might, teed just couldn't get his head stuck in the railing.

bebe thought this was pretty funny and rewarded his efforts with a smooch

which took a lot out of her. she stopped right where she was to rest.

i'm not sure what's going on here. maybe discussing college choices?

bebe makes her point. or demands juice. or declares a poop. something...

hey lady!

the usual suspects.

after our walk we needed to warm up back at the hotel.

whenever daddy starts acting like the paparazzi with his camera he gets the same response out of bebe and mommy:

those are my girls!

thanks for meeting up with us on your trip to the cape, mems and teed! we had a great time!

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