Saturday, February 20, 2010


a long, long time ago mems and teed came for a visit, but thanks to the magic of photography they have been frozen in time and perfectly preserved, at least digitally, in a state of absolute stasis from which they will never sicken, grow old, or die! wow, that's creepy.

anyway- here's part one of a two-part mems and teed post today! part two will follow later in the day with my pics from our day on the cape!

trying out her new rain boots

taking the babies for a walk. all of the babies.

"what? it saves time!"

the next morning at breakfast

"look, i don't like to talk money over breakfast, but if you guys diversify your portfolio with some safe, long term investments and mix in a few riskier prospects, you could do alright."

"then again, i'm only nineteen months old and what i know of investing comes only from reading the wall street journal cover to cover every day."

on the weekends she goes for some lighter fare.

it's sometimes important to read with your feet, so to speak:

must have been a real page-turner!

awwww, lookit these guys!

bebe watches with mommy as teed demonstrates some hugging techniques on one of her babies.

she looks a little concerned...

and no visit is complete without a read through with mems.

thanks for coming guys!

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