Sunday, October 18, 2009

the thirteen days of halloween

last year beatrix was a little too small to enjoy the Halloween season, and it's one of my favorite times of the year. i love the fall, the macabre, horror movies, etc. and i was looking forward to when she would be a little older and we could enjoy this time together. i'm not looking to force anything on her or freak her out, but i think that the popularly held ideas of what's scary, etc. are socially constructed and little kids get scared of skulls and witches and ghosts because it's fun for well meaning parents to say things like "ooooh, scary!" and "ahhhhh, run before the ghost catches you and tears your still-beating heart from your chest and drinks your blood and spills it all down the front of its ghostly sheet and that will never come out because blood stains are so hard to clean, ahhhhhh..." okay, maybe not that last part, but you get the general idea. all i'm saying is that some parents challenge society by telling their kids that girls can play sports and boys can wear dresses. i'm challenging society by saying that there's no reason to be afraid of these 'scary' things and in the right light we can even have fun with them. and and if she fails to show any interest in it as she gets older, then i'm fully prepared to let that idea go.

so i was thinking how cool it would be to treat Halloween a little more like x-mas- actually closer to Hanukkah- and do a 'thirteen days of Halloween' with a little present or token each day, culminating in a seance and goat sacrifice on All Hallows Eve. she's a little small to hold a knife, so i'm holding off on the last part. but we can still do the presents.

on the thirteenth day of Halloween, i gave bebe a wind-up frankenstein walker:

at first i thought she wasn't even sure about what the thing was, although she's seen this type of toy before.

turns out she was just figuring the best way to hug him.

she was really into letting him walk for a bit, and then picking him up to watch his feet wiggle.

more hugs.

making mommy give her new friend a hug, too.


and lastly, a hug and a kiss for daddy:

what will the twelfth day of Halloween bring?

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