Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Thirteen Days of Halloween!

It's that time of year again! Today is the Thirteenth day of Halloween! It works sort of like the twelve days of that other holiday, only there are thirteen days and it counts down to All Hallow's Eve. We always begin our celebration of the Halloween season with a sacrifice (or two):

ready to begin? very well! 

 searching for the best surface upon which to carve a face...

 the first incisions...

 remove the top!

 and now, the delicate job of scooping out the guts.

 you can't really tell so much from these pics, but it was actually a dark and stormy night at our house.

 we even lost power from the howling winds outside our door, thus making this post a little later than i had originally intended. nevertheless, we couldn't let a minor power outage put us off of our celebration. especially with the generator providing a modicum of power to our home. ahem.


 coveting thy jack 'o lantern...

 coveting thy neighbor's jack 'o lantern.

 the beeb 'o lantern-

 and the eloise 'o lantern.

let the festival of samhain commence!

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  1. oh my god, the beeb-o-lantern and eloise-o-lantern look so much like them! i might have to carve a couple over here and snuggle them until they squirm and say, "no, auntie. stop." just like beebs...