Thursday, October 20, 2011

the 12th day of Halloween

on the twelfth day of Halloween, the Great Pumpkin (thanks, charlie brown!) brought bebe this cool Halloween themed stamp set!

first, as is the custom, we lit the jack o' lanterns. then, we went into another room and practiced our ghost sounds in the hope that the Great Pumpkin would hear us and approve. if it did, then it would leave a little present behind. bebe, mommy, eloise, teek, and i all went into the other room and howled our heads off until i thought i heard a noise back in the kitchen! 

 when we got back to the kitchen, there was a cool stamp set next to our jack o' lanterns! awesome! Thanks, Great Pumpkin!

 there was a lollipop, a mummy, frankenstein, skull, a spiderweb, and the letters to spell BOO!

beebs got right to work:

after a short while of furious stamping, it was time for bed.

we blew out the lanterns until tomorrow night...

see you for the eleventh day of halloween!

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