Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Seventh Day of Halloween!

we started off the Seventh Day of Halloween with a new jack o'lantern:

 technically, we started off the day with A Nightmare Before Christmas. we watched it when we first woke up while we had our juice and coffee.

and what's Halloween without a little Dracula?

 and by little, i do mean little.

 off to make spooky noises...

 eloise was thinking they were a little too spooky!

i, i mean, the great pumpkin, is never sure how the presents are going to be received. 

 this one was a little dracula that screamed and howled when you squeezed him. he had red little light up eyes too!

 he was a hit!

 with both of the girls!

in fact, bebe decided he could help us make spooky noises tomorrow night!

we're past the halfway mark! onward and upward to All Hallow's Eve!

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