Saturday, October 15, 2011

beach fudge!

soooooo... been a little while since i've had the time to post here. currently unemployed, spending all of my time either a)looking for work or b)bonding with my kids. option "b" isn't so bad, and will make the success of option "a" bittersweet. i should actually say that option"b" is fantastic- getting to spend so much time with eloise at this stage of her life has definitely led to a stronger connection than i had with bebe at this age, when i saw her an hour or two (at best) a night and then on weekends. having a job may support a family, but not having a job is really building some family supports. i like that so much i'm going to facebook it in a minute.

at any rate, i have two quick posts to get up here before our now traditional 13 Days of Halloween(!) celebration begins. for those of you who missed it last year, it's basically like Hanukkah but for devil-worshipping pagans. i know, i know, that's actually contradictory. but it sounded nice, so just pretend i'm in politics. it never stops those assholes. each day, for thirteen days before Halloween, i give bebe some little trinkets or halloween themed baubles, probably made in china, probably toxic to children. if she remains unpoisoned, she gets to have christmas and try her luck again next year!

the first post is an old one that i uploaded the pics for right after it happened and never got around to doing a write-up for. still haven't. but i don't like having the pics sit on the server when they could be sitting on your eyeballs instead. right before we moved out of the city, bebe and i decided one last beach trip was in order. it was actually our only one of the summer :(

at the last minute we decided to give our ol' pal Uncle Fudge a call, and see if he wanted to meet us there- he did! the following pictures document our first, last, and only day at the beach in the summer of 2011. with minimal commentary or explanation, as the french say- enjoi!

a girl and her fudge.

base camp. not to be confused with Space Camp.

the rainbow colored umbrella is to let everyone else on the beach know that no, we're not just friends taking one of our daughters to the beach, but are in fact the most strangely paired gay couple since david bowie and mick jagger got caught in bed together. what can i say? i love the big galoot.

holding on for dear life. it's only two inches, but when you're three feet tall, that's a lot i guess.

summery beach kid. my favorite.

quick- pose with your sandwich!

got it! great!

don't you hate it when you go to the beach and set up your stuff, andeven though there's a ton of space, the next people to get there set there shit up right next to yours?

well, so does beebs. even when it's her own family.

then she didn't even want us looking at her. LOVE that kid.

she and uncle fudge decided to rub sand all over themselves. i'd have told them that not only is it painful, but it's really hard to wash off, but it wouldn't have made a difference. kids.

waves are coming up. better get back out there...

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