Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Third Day of Halloween!

well, well, well. the Third Day of Halloween certainly had more tricks than treats. nearly twenty inches of snow, to be exact (and inexact- at the same time!).

 this is what the front and back yards of our house looked like at three pm. by 9 pm, we had eighteen inches of snow on the ground! and wouldn't you know it- as soon as we all started remarking upon how grand it was that we hadn't lost power- bam. power loss. though not entirely terrible since we have a generator that runs nearly all of the lights and a few key appliances. still, with two small kids it's less than ideal. plus, no internet, so this post goes up hella late, as uncle ben might say. coincidentally, uncle ben and aunt marge were visiting this weekend!

on this cold and stormy night, we found a cadre of dancing skeletons

 ...that glowed in the dark!

 unfortunately, they didn't glow all that strongly, and i had eloise in one arm trying to take these pics, so they're not so great. but i think you get the idea.

and again, we had to use our "cartman" stand-in since all of our jack o'lanterns were moldy-oldies:

 we always also use an actual pumpkin behind the scenes though!

when it came time to make spooky noises, we had some extra boys and ghouls to help:

 uncle ben was throwing out jazz hands, and let me tell you, there's nothing scarier than jazz hands!

 wow! skeletons! awesome!

we found a spot on the wall right next to bebe's bed and hung them there to dance and glow all night!

we're coming down to our last two days! stay tuned!

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